Inner Circle

The Social Sales Girls

What if you had a map that would lead you to e-commerce success?

The Social Sales Girls

What if you had a map that would lead you to e-commerce success?

And a supportive community to help you along the way?

This map to e-commerce success was created for you by people who actually make money selling products online.

We'll show you step-by-step how to build an e-commerce business with a solid foundation that generates consistent revenue.

Stop wondering if you're doing it right. Know you are not alone.  

You'll be with us in the Inner Circle.


Here’s the map to your e-commerce success. Three modules created for you by people who actually make money selling products online.


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You’ll learn how to create posts that get people to click through to your site.

 You’ll get free traffic, and you’ll understand how to get low cost paid traffic by testing with a tiny budget.

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We’ll teach you how to navigate Facebook’s Ads Manager, and you’ll learn how to find the most effective targets at a cost that is affordable.

You’ll build your own responsive audiences, so you can control your results.

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You’ll get real results, and we’ll show you how to build a custom report so you can analyze your data at a glance.

Then, you’ll know what’s good, what’s not, and finally be able to stop wasting money and use your budget wisely.


Convert icon

Learn what it takes to really get conversions.  

Get familiar with the stats that are important for you to understand and measure.  

We’ll demystify Google Analytics, show you exactly what to look at, and how to use your own data to grow your sales without spending a dime.

Boost icon

Start generating real leads for your business.  

In Conversion School, you'll learn the power of growing a quality email list.  

You’ll find leads, set up an email funnel, and start generating reliable sales every day of the year.

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You'll build a system to warm up your prospects so they like, know, and trust you. Before you know it, they'll be ready to buy. 

We'll guide you through using a multi-layered plan that includes audience building, retargeting, and mini-campaigns.  

You’ll execute the plan in Conversion Bootcamp.


Build icon

Choose marketing events for your business from our “Training Buffet” of easy to execute plans that will get you real, predictable sales.

Watch the lesson, implement, and get selling!

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Brainstorm and share marketing ideas in our monthly planning sessions.

The sessions are designed to make sure you don’t go a month without a solid plan to get sales.

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Watch MasterClasses and Case Studies to learn new skills. 

You'll gain inspiration from other members and how they have used the concepts taught to grow their businesses.

Here’s what our members think of the Inner Circle:

Naomi W

"My traffic has increased dramatically because of both consistent posting on Facebook and running ads based on techniques I learned from Traffic Bootcamp.

I’m getting my email marketing in place. There’s lots of other little things that I’ve learned and tweaked along the way too.

The videos in the classroom are available to me at anytime and I can work at my own pace which is what I need because I’m basically a one woman business. I need to be able to jump around to new priorities daily/weekly.”

~ Naomi Wierby of Fashion Freak

Kristina T

"The Inner Circle is worth every penny. Everything I've learned about selling on my Shopify website I've learned from Susan Bradley. I love the monthly planning sessions and the walk-in-clinics where Susan helps us plan ahead and answers our questions!

In the Inner Circle, I've learned how to do email marketing. Specifically how to send mini email campaigns that convert.

In the past 90 days, my mini campaigns have brought in over $1000 in additional revenue. Revenue I wouldn't have had otherwise. And it was free!"

~ Kristina Trew of Mex Fabric Supplies

John W

"In the Inner Circle, there are so many other video series that cover the core of what you need to know to be successful online. Traffic Bootcamp is just the tip of the iceberg.

Each segment gives you a foundation of what you need to know to get started, how to move the needle, and what stats to pay attention to and which ones to ignore. 

The Facebook group is an invaluable resource to bounce questions off of others. Some of us are still learning, some are well ahead in their company, all are very friendly and willing to share their thoughts and experiences.

As Susan says, the 'sum of all the parts' that makes the difference. Learning about email with MailChimp, JustUno pop-ups generating email sign-ups, the sequence of emails that follows, then of course Facebook ad strategies are what has made the most impact in my business since joining the Inner Circle."

~ John Westerfield of Kangaroo Karry

Noemi Z

"I have now been part of the Inner Circle for over a year, and I am flabbergasted at all I have learned. I don't have a marketing or sales background and before I joined, I was struggling to reach the right customers.

Susan’s program gives you the step-by-step methodology behind how to grow traffic, reach customers, and develop your brand. I have learned about ad copy, best practices for photography, and how to set up Facebook ads in a way that maximizes your return.

What sold me on the program is that Susan is also an e-commerce owner, and takes you behind the scenes on everything she does - every promotion, new product launch, flash sale, etc. is covered, detailed, and explained so that you can brainstorm on how to apply it to your business.

With membership also comes a Facebook group full of helpful and friendly people, always willing to help. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or already have a successful business; being an entrepreneur is always about learning, and the community will be invaluable to you along the way. I have met incredible women in it, which I now consider some of my closest friends."

~ Noemie Z. of Noemie's Pantry

Veronica S

"Susan and her team helped us clear the clutter, create action plans, measure and implement ways to improve our business - all while listening to our mission, vision and values applicable practices that all small businesses can adopt and practice but always tailored to our unique businesses needs.

Previous to Traffic Bootcamp and then joining the Inner Circle, we had maybe only a handful of sales per month and they were very haphazzard. We went from less than 1K in visitors per month to 1K per week. We finally had enough traffic to our site to isolate where the traffic was coming from and who was buying so as Susan says, we could do more of what works."

~ Veronica Staudt of Vintage Meet Modern

It’s more than just a course, you’ll get:

Download icon

A plan to follow, so you don’t waste time wondering what to next.

You'll get access to a library of downloadable worksheets and tools to track your progress along the way.

Support icon

Support and feedback in our Monthly Walk-in-Clinic Q+A sessions.

You can get all your questions answered and discuss strategies that get sales. 

Backstage Pass

A Backstage Pass, where members are welcomed behind the scenes of a thriving online business.

The Wee Squeak Team will show you what works, and what to leave behind.

What happens in the Inner Circle...

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