Inner Circle

And a supportive community to walk with you as you chart your course?

This map to e-commerce success was created for you by people who actually make money selling products online.

We'll show you step-by-step how to build an e-commerce business with a solid foundation that generates consistent revenue.

Stop wondering if you're doing it right. Know you are not alone.  

You'll be with us in the Inner Circle.

Inner Circle

This is your map to success:

Inner Circle Level One

E-Commerce Foundations  

A Tech Tune Up. Optimize your Social Media, Google Analytics, and set up your website to convert using our Conversion Audit.

Inner Circle Level Two

Build your Audience  

In List Building Bootcamp, we'll teach you how build a killer email list that converts. You'll even run some marketing events so you can make money while building your list.

Inner Circle Level Three

Drive Traffic  

Traffic Bootcamp and more! Learn how to get your first 5K web visitors, or grow your visitors by 5K/month, without spending a small fortune.

Inner Circle Level Four

Master Marketing  

Copy Bootcamp, Mailchimp Bootcamp and choose from a buffet of marketing events that you can use to make sales.

Inner Circle Level Five

Marketing Grad School  

Go beyond the basics and learn how to control your sales. Become an Expert at Marketing your business.

A sneak peek at our new classroom:

Get a tour and see Susan's tips to get the most out of the program!

Unlimited Access to Our Team

An Inner Circle of E-commerce Specialists at your fingertips to answer your questions, and never send you an invoice. 

Inner Circle members can talk to our team of experts without having to mortgage the house, join another course, or listen to a 45-minute sales pitch. 

Ask your questions in the Member’s Facebook Group, or live on one of our Q&A Sessions. 

Yes, you read that right. We actually TALK to you. 

We host monthly live Walk-in-Clinic Q&A where you can jump on live and ask us anything. If you can’t make it live, submit your questions and we’ll make sure we have an answer prepared for you.

See our current calendar here.

Susan Bradley Founder of The Social Sales Girls, Owner of Wee Squeak

“The Strategist”

All things strategy and marketing. 


“The Techie” 

Applications, automation, email marketing, and customer service. 


“ The IG Queen”

Brand Reps and Influencer Marketing.


“The Money Guy” 

Profit, Cashflow, Accounting, and Taxes.


“The Facebook Whiz”

 Community building and Organic Traffic.

An exclusive, behind the scenes look at real brands

Learn first-hand what works and what not to do as we pull back the curtain and bring you behind the scenes of our brand Wee Squeak

  • We will show you how to drive traffic to your store without a massive credit card bill for ads that don't always work.
  • End the frustration of trying 'one more trick' to get reliable sales.
  • We don't waste your time with 'magic formulas' or 'instant results'.

Instead, you will see what we are working on, along with our results, and what we are planning for the future.  

Our Case Studies give you the chance to walk away with new tricks to try on your business.  

There's no better way to learn the ropes.  

The bonus: You can stop wondering if you are just wasting your time and money.

 A Members Only Facebook Group full of people who share your goals 

You’ll feel at home. Instantly.  

These are your people. They’re working on the same things as you.  

Need ideas? Opinions? Advice?  

The Inner Circle is packed full of awesome ecommerce merchants who love to share ideas, experiences, opinions, and support each other as they work on common goals.  

So, if you’ve been looking for other straight talking, hard-working entrepreneurs, that are as committed to success as you are, your search is over.

Sound Good? 

Inner Circle Facebook Group

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