TSSG SP 90 Day

Imagine how it would feel

to have your own coach walk with you as you achieve a big goal. A goal you’ve been dreaming about for a long time because you know it’s what you need to do to get where you want to be 

And when you reach your goal, and you’ve taken your business to the next level. you’ll have measureable results and then you’ll feel amazing . . .

What if you could share your experience

 with a tightly knit group

 of intensely focused Entrepreneurs

 as they take their business up a level

right along with you.

 And when you’re done

 You’ll have a network of

high functioning





 Entrepreneurs, just like you

 to encourage and support each other

 How do you get all this?

 Join the 90 Day Incubator 

 What is the 90 Day Incubator? 

It’s a coaching program designed to help you identify what you want, then strategize and troubleshoot with you as you implement.

 Our goal is to keep you on track, hold you accountable, and break down barriers, as you take the steps you need to finally get what you want.

 While you’re working at your goal, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at what the other Entrepreneurs in your Group are working on. 

Groups are limited to a maximum of 5, and members are at a similar stage of business. 

Who is it for? 

 The 90 Day Incubator is for Entrepreneurs that are serious about making things happen. 

If you’ve got goals, and a timeline for making your dreams come true, the 90 Day Incubator could be for you. 

What you’ll do in the Incubator

Step one is a 1:1 goal setting call with Susan.

We’ll talk about what you want, the strategy to make it happen, and execution. By the end of the call we’ll have a measureable goal and a step by step action plan designed to get you there.

Once you’ve set your goal, the sprint is on.

Every other week you’ll have a virtual meeting with Susan, Meghan, and your Group.

Each Entrepreneur reports on his/her progress. You’ll get feedback from Susan and the other Entrepreneurs.

We’ll monitor your progress, and make notes for your next steps. 

Partner Calls are scheduled for the weeks without Group calls. You’ll have a virtual meet up with each member of your Group. It’s a great chance to connect and strategize with others that share similar experiences and goals.

During the 90 Day sprint, you’ll also have a midpoint strategy session with Susan. We want to make sure you reach your goal.

In between, we meet up in our Private Facebook Group – for 90 Day Incubator Members only. We share ideas, vet each other’s work, and cheer each other on as we reach our goals. 

What kind of Goals do participants work on? 

Big goals, of course 

Profit - our members often have a goal to reach a new monthly profit number 

Marketing - a solid plan for campaigns that generate sales and leads 

A Launch - changing gears? starting a new project? Build an audience that’s ready to buy, and have a financially successful launch.

New Revenue - adding wholesale, or a new marketplace.

 Big things happen in the Incubator.

What does it cost?

$97 application fee (includes goal setting call) 

$197 payable on the 1st of each month for 3 months (total $591) 


 July 1st 2017 session has SOLD OUT

Get on the wait list for the next session! 

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