What would happen 

if you built a permanent system?

A system that brings traffic and sales to your site every day of the year?

And what if we told you it’s possible to get reliable sales without spending a fortune on ads and hovering over your computer every day?

And what could you do if you could actually predict

 Your daily sales? 

Every day of the year? 

Are you

Tired of spinning the wheel and praying that your bet on Facebook ads pays off?

 Juggling cash (and payables) because your sales have come up short, again.

 Fed up with the ups and downs of your business?

 Frustrated by paying again and again to reach the same audience

Or maybe this is you...

 At your wits end because you’re selling on Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay, and your customers are really THEIR customers.

 Feeling helpless when it comes to copycat sellers, fraudulent transactions, and the utter lack of control you have over your future on the marketplace

Did you know?

That for every dollar spent on email marketing, an average of $44 dollar return on investment is realized. 


Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue. 


More than 60% of marketers use mass email blasts to stay in touch with customers, however, only 13% are using automation. (email funnels) Are you ready to take control and get Reliable Revenue? 


It’s our signature program.

 Designed to set you up for long term success.

 When you’re done, you’ll have your own system to drive traffic and sales.

 Every Day.

 And when you do that, you’ll have more time and more money to work on the fun stuff.

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every day and know all your bills will be covered?

 How about a regular paycheck for you? Sound Good? 

How it works

Job one is to show you how to create your own email funnels. Step by step.

We even give you a copy of our proven sales funnels, so you can take what works and make it your own.

Next, you’ll set up a permanent source of leads to fill up your funnels. And you’ll bring new people into your business every day.

Some of your leads will buy right away.

The ones that don’t will go into your email funnel, and you’ll convert them into customers over time.

Reliable sales are great.

But you know what’s even better?

Predictable Sales.

So, once your funnels are up and running, you’ll be designing your own Branded Events. Events that will bring new customers and sales into your business.

Events that you can run over and over. Events that bring predictable sales into your business. After that, we’ll show you how to fill your calendar with your high converting marketing events.

And when you’re done, you’ll have predictable, Reliable Revenue. 


What you get: Reliable Revenue is video based training with full support. All students have full access to our team in their private classroom, the private Facebook Group, and on twice monthly open Q&A sessions. 

 Learn first-hand what works, AND what not to do, as we pull back the curtain and bring you behind the scenes at Wee Squeak. 

The program has 6 modules:

 1. Tech Tune Up

 2. Lead Magnets, Landing Pages & Autoresponders

 3. Build Your Sales Funnel

 4. List Building

 5. All About Events

 6. Build Your Events Calendar  


Reliable Revenue includes LIFETIME membership in the Inner Circle. (value $29.99/month)

 Once you’re in, you’re in! Our Inner Circle Members enjoy access to our team in our private Facebook Group, and their private classrooms. Participate in live Members Roundtables, behind the scenes Strategy Sessions, open live Q&&, and our popular Bootcamps. 

$697 or 3 payments of $297

Reliable Revenue is currently closed.

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