What if you had 

A Map you can follow to E-commerce Success

and a supportive community to walk with you as you chart your course.

And that Map?

 Was made for you by people who actually make money selling products

 And we’ll show you how to build a business with a solid foundation

 That pays the bills

 And a salary for you

 So that you can stop wondering if you’re doing it all wrong.

 And you’ll sleep better knowing you’re not alone.

 You’re with us. 

Your Map to Success

Did you know that 85% of online 

Entrepreneurs are Solopreneurs?? 

What’s stopping you from getting the help you need?

Maybe you’re new, (like just started last month) and you have no idea

 of where to begin finding people to buy your stuff. 


 Maybe you’re not that new, but you’re frustrated, 

struggling, and just plain sick of trying to figure it out by yourself.


Maybe you’ve been selling for years on Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay,

(aka building your house on someone else’s land), and it’s time for you to level up and get your own castle – but you need someone to point you in the right direction to start building traffic and sales. 


Maybe, you’ve got sales and profit, but you’re ready to grow,

 and you’re struggling to put together a plan and execute. 

You’d love to talk to someone who has done it successfully.

Wherever you are in business, 

you simply can’t afford to miss out

 on the Inner Circle 

And here’s why: 

8 out of 10 small businesses will fail.

Wearing too many hats when you are a one or two (wo)man show is like juggling monkeys. You can do it but, you need a map and a wingman!

Inner Circle members get get the Map, The Community, and our team of specialists.

We meet you where you are

 Show you where to start

 And walk with you

 because, you’ll have questions, lol. 

Why you should join the Inner Circle now!

You’ll get the help you need, when you need it. And when you do, you can get back to work feeling confident that you’ve “got this”.

Even if you're not sure what you need:

We'll find out where you’re at, and we’ll show you where to start. Get personalized advice on a live Q+A session. Even if you haven’t launched, we’ll show you what to do now, so that Launch Day will be the best day ever. 

Even if you’re short on cash: 

We get it, when you’ve got more expenses than sales, every penny counts. The Inner Circle is $32.99/month. That’s $1/day.

Even if you have no time: 

We'll put you on a path that gets you the biggest results fast. No watching a snore-worthy 450 hours of videos. Each month we'll show you a quick win, so you' get the result you need fast. Ask your questions and get answers in the private Group. Join the live Q+A sessions when you need facetime. 

Even if you have bought 45 other programs that just didn’t work for you, The Inner Circle is different. Most programs promote their method like it’s the holy grail of ecommerce, no matter what you sell and how long you’ve been selling. At the Inner Circle, we meet you where you are. Based on our experience, we’ll give you our best advice on how you can get where you want to be.

 We’ve been around long enough to know that there’s no “one size fits all” training. 

Here’s what you get

The Map to your Success 

01 E-Commerce Foundations

A Tech Tune Up. Optimize your Social Media, Google Analytics, and set up your website to convert.

02 Build your Audience

Understand your ideal customer, how to get them engaged, keep them excited about your products, and get them to actually visit your website.

 03 Drive Traffic  

Learn how to get your first 5K web visitors, or grow your visitors by 5K/month, without spending a small fortune.  

04 Master Marketing

Write copy that sells. Understand how to use email marketing to make sales, learn about Events you can use to sell more products.

05 Marketing Grad School  

Go beyond the basics and learn how to control your sales. Become an Expert at Marketing your business.  

A Members Only Facebook Group

 full of people who share your Goals 

You’ll feel at home. Instantly.

 These are your people. They’re working on the same things as you.

 Need ideas? Opinions? Advice?

 The Inner Circle is packed full of awesome ecommerce merchants who love to share ideas, experiences, opinions, and support each other as they work on common goals.

 So, if you’ve been looking for other straight talking, hard-working entrepreneurs, that are as committed to success as you are, your search is over. 

Access to our Team

An Inner Circle of Ecommerce Specialists at your fingertips to answer your questions, and never send you an invoice. 

Inner Circle members can talk to our team of experts without having to mortgage the house, join another course, or listen to a 45-minute sales pitch. 

Ask your questions in the Member’s Facebook Group, or live on one of our Q&A Sessions. 

Yes, you read that right. We actually TALK to you. 

See our current calendar aittlste


“The Strategist” 

All things strategy and marketing. 


“ The IG Queen”

Brand Reps and Influencer Marketing.


“The Facebook Whiz”

 Community building and Organic Traffic.


“The Money Guy” 

Profit, Cashflow, Accounting, and Taxes.


An exclusive, behind the scenes, look at a real Brand

 Learn first-hand what works, AND what not to do, as we pull back the curtain and bring you behind the scenes at our brand Wee Squeak. 

We'll show you how to drive traffic to your store without a massive credit card bill for ads that don’t always work. 

So that you can stop tearing out your hair while you try one more trick to get some sales. 

We Won't waste your time with “magic formulas” or “instant results”

Instead, you’ll see what we’re working on, our results, and what we’re planning for the future. 

There’s no better way to learn the ropes. 

And the bonus you can stop wondering if you're just wasting your time and money. 

 Where will you be when you hang out with us in The Inner Circle 

You’ll Be: Sleeping better at night knowing you’re not in this alone.

You’ll Be: The owner of a success Map for reliable traffic and sales.

You’ll Be: The marketing genius that understands ads and can actually analyze your results.

You’ll Be: The Social Media whiz who will NEVER AGAIN be wondering what to post, what to say, and why your reach is bad. 

You’ll Be: Connected. You’ll ask “your people”. Other people will envy you.

You’ll Be: In control and a lot less stressed about what you’re doing, where you’re headed, and where your next sale is coming from. 

Sound Good? 

You might be wondering what it costs

The Inner Circle is 32.99 a month

 That’s just $1 a day. Less than a cup of coffee. We think it’s the best real support on the market. But really, who cares what we think, It’s your call. 

Is having a Success Map and your own team of specialists

 at your fingertips worth $1 a day?

 And you want to know how much time this will take?

 (right? we know what you’re thinking)

 Can we just tell you how many trainings we haven’t bought because we knew we didn’t have the time to sit down and actually do them? 

That’s why our training gets straight to the point. And because we’re ecommerce merchants, we’re current. Count on learning only what works today, not last year’s info. You won’t be wading through hours of video. You’ll be learning and doing.

 We think

 It’s about the Results you Get, not the Time you Spend  

 And what if I buy and then think it won’t work for me?

 Cancel any time. But we bet you’ll miss us! 

 On the slight chance you’re still wondering 

(if we’re as good as we say we are) 


John was heavily invested, and only had 9 sales in 9 months.

We met john in the Spring of 2017. When we met him, he was heavily invested in his business, and had made a total of 9 online sales in 9 months!  

John joined the Inner Circle, completed Traffic Bootcamp, and immersed himself in all the training available in the classroom.  

I bet you can’t even guess how many sales he gets now.  

Watch the whole story here…

Vannassa gave up her career to grow her jewelry business.  

She invested in herself, spending thousands on high-end training from the Experts. All those courses kept her really busy.  

But not one helped her sell any jewelry. In fact, her Accountant told her it had to stop.  

In a last ditch attempt to make it work, Vannessa joined the Inner Circle.  

She started doing the Bootcamps and learning what works for HER business.  

And now Vannessa’s Accountant is very happy.  

See how Vannessa learned how to find her audience and get sales for less than the price of a cup of coffee every day.



Veronica has a Successful Etsy business but, Shopify had her stumped.

 Veronica has a successful Etsy business, but Shopify had her stumped.  

She knows what her customer wants and how to present it to them. After all, she’s been selling vintage jewelry for 22 years.  

Tired of the limitations of Etsy and Ebay, Veronica knew it was time to have her own store, so she jumped in, and quietly opened her own site.  

Months later, with no traffic and sales on her site, she knew that something had to change. She felt like her site was “invisible.”  

And then she joined the Inner Circle. Everything changed. Watch and see why we call her the Queen of Engagement now!

That's it - now it's up to you

Are you working with us, or are you working on it alone?  

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